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I believe the blessing of Obed-Edom is repeatable over and over again. When David took the Ark the reign of his kingdom was filled with blessing and longevity. Davids death didnt stop what he began, in fact, we experience the blessing of David everytime we enter into worship and begin to sing, dance and make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

David operated as King and Priest and would hear from God first before making a move. David honored the presence of the Lord.

Obed-Edom lit a candle in the morning and in the evening to honor the presence of God. His house was blessed so, that his house birthed 8 sons in three months! Now thats incredible and nothing short of miraculous. 

Abinadab had the Ark of God for 20 years and we have no record of the blessing of the Lord that followed. David retrieves the Ark and loses a man because of carelessness.


We must honor our possession so the possession can bless us.

We may have the presence of the Lord all around us, but until we recognize and honor his presence we will only experience His omnipresence and not His manifest presence.

It is time to prioritize His presence and build an altar for the Lord in our homes that is honorable.