Welcome to ChurcHouse!


What you can expect

You can expect the manifest presence of God to be here. 

God’s omnipresence is His attribute of being everywhere at once. He is omnipresent even when we do not experience His presence; He is here, even if we do not recognize Him; He is here. God’s manifest presence is, of course, His presence made manifest—the fact that He is with us is made clear and convincing.

God’s manifest presence is the result of His interaction with us overtly and unmistakably. It is then we experience God.

What we expect

Because the kingdom of Heaven is motion activated. We expect you to participate in the prayer, by praying. To participate in the worship by demonstrating your love for the Father inwardly and outwardly. We expect you to participate in the message by adding your amen, your agreement to what God is speaking to us and of course to give so the Heavens remain open over your life.

What God expects

God expects us to know his voice, seek his face and seek his Kingdom.